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Concrete Product Facility Update

Some pictures showing our inside work progress to our current Concret Product Facility project.

Concrete Product Facility

Cocrete Facility Metal Roof

130,000 square feet metal roof concrete product facility warehouse. Current concrete pour in this picture is 20,000 square feet section being poured along the south endwall. The pour is 8" and the strength is 4000 psi.

Best Way Office Progress Report

Current project a 12,000 square feet wood framed office facility for an Indianapolis waste disposal company.

Phase one: Metal Building Product Arriving
Phase one (18 loads). 7 today. 42 total for the job. 3 unloaded by 8:30 this morning.


After nearly a year of planning, we are ready to begin two size-able projects.
The smaller of the two is a new corporate for an Indianapolis waste disposal company. The project consists of 12,000 sq ft of new office and a full basement area for storage. The basement area presented design problems. The floor of the basement is 7’ below flood stage. In addition to 4 two stage pumps, the walls and basement slab needed to be designed to prevent buoyancy in elevated water conditions.

Based on the flood elevations, the permitting process took almost 6 months. Having received all approvals this week, construction will begin after the 4th of July.

The larger project is for a specialty concrete products company with the corporate office in Wisconsin. The project is near Greenfield and the site occupies an area of approximately 17 acres. Designed for efficient manufacturing, the building is approximately 130,000 sq ft with sidewall heights that vary from 40’ to 60’. Interior cranes are to be installed throughout the building for movement of material and produce. Several cranes may reach 50 tons in size.

Site work has begun on the project. The Owner is crushing concrete to build the pad between 3 and 4 feet. Metal building product will arrive on site around the middle of August. Construction will continue for 9 to 10 months.

An interesting labor force statistic...
An interesting labor force statistic shows that the average age for US workers in the construction sector is 42 years. The information is from the United States Census Bureau’s 2013 American Community survey. In the Midwest, the average age approaches 45 years of age. Front-line supervisors and managers have a median age of 47, construction managers 47 years, and equipment operators 46 years.

These figures should be a concern for an industry already facing labor shortages. Attracting the next generation of construction workers will be a challenge that the construction sector will face in the coming years.

It seems that our education system is failing students who are not interested in college. Indiana has a 6 year graduation rate of 56.4%. Many of those who do not complete become burdened with loans that will take years to repay. Our educators are of the mindset that there are no good paying jobs without a college degree. Developing trade education that successfully directs students into areas of construction will be essential to the maintenance of a construction workforce. Educators need to teach the math and reading skills necessary to compete in the construction industry. Once these young graduates gain confidence, experience, and a sense of self-worth, they will be elevated to positions of leadership in a company that will result in an income that will often surpass that of many college graduates.

It's 5:30 AM and the pour is nearly half completed.
This is a pour of approximately 350 yards of concrete. The material being used is a 6 bag mix with heated water. A vapor barrier is being placed beneath the slab and 4 gauge mesh is being installed in the slab. The screeding of the pour is being done by a large laser screed machine.

530AM and pour is nearly half completed1

Upon completion of the pour, it is anticipated that the slab will be cut on the same day and that the surface hardener will be installed on the following day.

530AM and pour is nearly half completed2

The prep and strength of the finished product is very important. The customer has a printing operation and the moisture from beneath the slab needs to be minimized. After getting the building enclosed, the heating units were installed and a temperature of 65 degrees was maintained until the slab was dry. Prior to scheduling the pour, the pad was tested for compaction and for moisture content.

Third Annual Design and Construction Week
This week Las Vegas is home to the third annual Design and Construction Week. The event takes place from January 19th to the 22nd. There will be over 2,500 exhibiting companies with new and improved products in more than 1.2 million square feet of exhibit space. This mega-event is expected to bring together more than 110,000 builders, general contractors, architects, engineers, and product specifiers from around the globe.

This is evidence that Design and Build Construction is a leading construction model. Design and Build Contractors are often on the leading edge of design and innovation.

Systems Builders, Inc. is a design/build contractor in the Indianapolis, IN area. We peer into the future and incorporate construction techniques that will be efficient and aesthetic today and in the future.

Selecting the Right Contractor
As you begin the process of deciding which contractor to use on your next project, there are many considerations that you need to address. Among those are the following:

Has the contractor been in business long enough to have an established track record?
Systems Builders, Inc. has been completing projects in the Indianapolis area since 1987. Ours is a story of satisfied clients in the areas of commercial, retail, and industrial construction.

Can the contractor provide contact information for customers for whom they have completed multiple projects?
Systems Builders, Inc. can certainly provide names of past clients for whom we have completed multiple projects. We can arrange tours of past projects and introduce you to past clients.

The success of SBI is predicated on satisfied customers, repeat business, and customer referrals. Over 70% of our business falls within that scope of client. Any quality contractor will experience a similar result. No contractor can survive with a “one and done” philosophy for business.

Are the subcontractors reliable?
Over the years, SBI has employed subcontractors who have a track record of:
•  Quality workmanship
•  Competitiveness
•  Reliability
•  Service to the client and SBI

SBI does not believe in shopping subcontractor numbers because cheapness will always compromise one of our listed criteria.

Why we selected Fort Harrison
Around 1995, shortly after the Fort Harrison Reuse Authority was formed, we began looking for a future home for Systems Builders. We had already completed projects in the Westfield Industrial Park, in Noblesville’s Stoney Creek Business Park, and other areas around Indianapolis, IN. After considering our various options, we narrowed our focus to Lawrence and the possibilities of historic Fort Harrison.


The master plan and architectural guidelines made us comfortable knowing that the property would retain its value. Other factors causing us to select Fort Harrison included the uniqueness of a military base and a 1700 acre state park that provides golf, jogging, stables, lakes, and nature trails. We purchased two parcels of property in the industrial area in 2000. By the end of 2001 we had completed our new office building. For nearly 15 years, we have observed vacant land become the location of homes, apartments, eating establishments, busi nesses, a reserve training facility, and recreational growth. It all adds up.

Historic Forth Harrison is the perfect address for the business community of today and tomorrow. Fort Harrison continues to flourish. During 2015, a business has relocated to the Fort, additional housing construction has begun, and a commercial office and retail establishment has been constructed.


SBI is proud to be located in Fort Harrison and continue to be elated as new projects come to fruition in this community of Lawrence, IN.

Historic Forth Harrison is the perfect address for the business community of today and tomorrow. Fort Harrison continues to flourish. During 2015, a business has relocated to the Fort, additional housing construction has begun, and a commercial office and retail establishment has been constructed.

Galvalume Standing Seam Roof
Dealers Engine to construct a new office/warehouse facility. On this project we will utilize pre-engineered metals, while installing a galvalume standing seam on the roof. With the galvalume standing seam roof, we can effectively lower the roof pitch to ¼ in rise in 1 foot of run. That slope provides only 1 foot of rise per 48’ of run.

The galvalume finish has become the workhorse standard for the pre-engineered building industry. Durability and longevity are primary benefits of galvalume. Typically, the life span for galvalume metal is estimated to be 30 – 40 years. The photo below is a roof that we installed in 1988 for a customer in Indianapolis, Indiana. Notice that the surface shows minimal deterioration. You can get a comparison of galvalume to galvanized material from the vent in the upper left hand corner.

Preventative maintenance is highly suggested to prevent damage to the galvalume caused by less durable materials. Roof penetrations and fasteners should be addressed periodically. On older buildings stainless fasteners were not used and will rust. They need to be replaced as necessary as they show signs of failure.

The cost of preventative maintenance is minimal. Roof maintenance on the roof in the attached photo is scheduled about every 5 years. Thus far we have removed unused or deteriorated vents and have replaced a small number of fasteners.

With the proven history of durability and low maintenance, we will continue to use galvalume as the first choice for our pre-engineered metal buildings.


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